Digital Nomads

Zakynthos - Zante Digital Nomads
"Thalassa Studios" amenities for digital nomads:

• A comfortable environment, suitable for working or relaxing
• Access to electrical outlets (230 Volts, 50 Hz, type F power sockets) for charging phones, tablets, and laptops (inside the rooms and
outside the balconies)
• Internet inside each room (free of charge)
• Relaxation gardens with Wi-Fi coverage (free of charge)
• Instant access to the Internet by simply connecting to the network
• Ample natural lighting to ease the strain of artificial lights on the eyes
• Natural spaces & natural landscapes, balconies with chairs and tables with amazing garden or sea view
• Longer stay discounts
• Options for dining - small kitchenette with sink, mini fridge and cooktop (2 hotplates) & kitchen utensils inside each room
• Large coffee pots
•  32 inch flat TV
•  Ceiling fans or desk fans (for our eco-friendly guests)
•  Air-conditioning (upon request)
•  Private WC and shower
•  Linens and towels (provided and changed for free every 4th day)
•  Laundry service (upon request)
• We do not restrict pets at our properties (small pets upon request)
•  Inside the room during your arrival you will find a big bottle of water, 2 small bottles of orange juice, sponge for kitchen,
dishwashing detergent, toilet paper and soap (we provide them only once)

For creatives: check the artistic work below (ink paintings, digital paintings and watercolor paintings were created during the summers at
Thalassa Studios facilities)

Digital Nomads, break up the day-to-day monotony!

The team of Thalassa Studios
Meson Gerakari - 29100 Zakynthos, Ionian Islands T: +30 26950 63023 (summer) T: +30 26950 44542 (winter) E: